La Paz, Baja California Sur

La Paz is a gorgeous, small-town feeling little city on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur. Its a beautiful place to stop if you’re looking for delicious fish (Mariscos), pristine, calm beaches, exciting up-close tours with sea animals & total toasty-hot relaxation. 

Giant plate of fresh white fish ceviche at Mariscos Toro Guerro…I seriously almost ate the entire plate. I don’t play when it comes to ‘viche.


Playa Balandra is one of the most beautiful, light cerulean beaches I’ve ever encountered. Like any travel-worthy destination, pictures do not do it justice, though my camera tried its best. 

Its so shallow here, I saw a group of women take plastic glasses of wine about 200 ft. off shore and start a floating happy hour.

Playa Balandra is for people in a certain mood:

1. I don’t want to battle waves, but I want to swim in the ocean.

2.I’m lazy and want to lounge under a giant palapa for free.

3.I’ve always wanted to snorkel but am terrified of swimming and giant sea creatures. I just wanna see cute, small yellow fishes.

Lying around 10km from downtown La Paz, this beach is well-kept, clean, easy to reach and simple to park. There are roughly 20 large and seemingly brand-new palapas for shade, so try to arrive early.

The little, magical Mushroom Rock. Legend has it that this is a natural occurrence but locals also think an indigenous tribe of La Paz created it. Trippy.

Playa Balandra Tips

1. There are no vendors, so pack up your cooler at one of the seemingly 100’s of Oxxo stores in town. Ah, Oxxo, the Mexican 7-11. I do adore you, though I know you also kinda suck. Take a trip to Chedraui on the main drag  to pick up some inexpensive fruit, veg, coconut, sunscreen, an umbrella (if you didn’t get a palapa) and a giant tub of water. You’ll need it. 

2. Bring your own mask/snorkel. But if you’re not a giant dork like me, you can rent some in town for the day for a lot cheaper than you may find from the vendors here. Kayaks were about 300 pesos/$17 per hour to rent. 

3. Share your Palapa! They were all full when we arrived around 1pm, so we asked nicely (in Spanish of course) to share the shade. The very first family we asked said yes! Be sure you return the favor. As above the palapa, so below.