What Happens During a Psilocybin Ceremony ?

What is a ceremony like?

Ceremonies are led by shamans or highly respected medicine workers who have deep understanding, experience, and sophistication with plant medicine.

We will be sitting together in a sacred space at the retreat site, as the curandera (medicine woman) explains the logistics of the ceremony.

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The medicine will be taken respectfully, one by one, as we keep in mind our intentions for opening and learning. After we have all taken the medicine the curandera will begin to sing songs, mantras or “icaros,” traditional Quechuan, Spanish and English songs that evoke and entice the powers of the plant working within.

  After an amount of time where the curandera recognizes the presence of the fungi, she will begin to let us enter into our own inner landscape. The curandera and her assistants keep a close eye on all participants to make sure everyone remains safe. They will often come around to each participant in the temple and offer individual healings with singing, sound, floral and energy work. Ceremonies can last from four to six hours.  

If you need fresh air, want to walk or be in nature, it is completely acceptable to ask a facilitator to leave the temple but it is required that you do not wander far off and are always in view of the facilitator.

If any any point you feel the need for individual attention to your needs, there will be a special space nearby that you can sit privately with either a shaman or facilitator present.

 As the night continues, there may come a time in your journey where you feel the desire to talk, laugh or express. We will have a seperate area (close by) so that those who wish to talk will not disturb others still in silence or enjoying the music.

  We sit comfortably through our own individual journeys as the plant medicine guides us through the work we must do. We are supported by the shaman, the curandera, her music, her energetic offerings and guidance throughout the ceremony. You will feel safe and held throughout the experience.

In closing, the candles will be lit once again as we are slowly invited back into the space. Fresh fruit will be brought out as we re-adjust to the light and waking consciousness.

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