Facilitator Training Application

Limited to a select group of 12 students



(We are now accepting applications for 2024 Retreats ONLY.)

Step 1: Fill out Application below

Step 2: Application Interview Call

This is a vital part of our process and no space in the retreat is secure until this final step. We need to be 100% sure this deep, often intense journey is only for those committed to the process. It’s also for your medical, physical, mental and emotional safety that we screen out certain specific issues.

Please book your training with the Buena Vida Training Team below:

After being accepted in the program, a $1000 deposit will hold your space. Program is limited to 10 select students.

The deposit is refundable, minus an admin fee, pending application status. In the case of your application being denied, the deposit will be refunded. In the case where your application is approved, the deposit will be go towards the payment. Please see Cancellation Policy at bottom of page.

**Your full balance will be due 60 days prior to the retreat. **


  • Sat in at least 3 sacred plant medicine in a shamanic ceremony (psilocybin, ayahuasca, huachuma, bufo, peyote)

  • No current history of personality disorder, suicidality, or other severe mental health condition.

  • Desire to work with sacred plant medicines in a safe, legal and supportive setting.

  • Desire to learn about how to serve humanity in a heart-based, compassionate set and setting.


If you have questions, please use the Contact Form and NOT an application.

Please do not buy plane tickets until approved**

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We will discuss all concerns and question on our call!
This does not exclude you from the retreat!
Please list or describe relevant coaching or training you've received
PLEASE NOTE, at least 3 ceremonies required before attending.
If yes, please list below along with doses. These are medications for anxiety, depression, mood, sleep, etc.
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Limited number of private rooms

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Deposits refunded prior to an Application Interview Call will be deducted a 5% processing fee.

  • Deposits refunded after an Application Interview Call will be deducted a 15% administrative fee.

  • Cancel 61 days or more in advance – 75% refund minus $85 administrative fee or balance is credit for transfer to another workshop or person to use within one calendar year.

  • Cancel 31 – 60 days in advance 50% refund minus $150 administrative fee or balance is credit for transfer to another workshop or person to use within one calendar year. (Limit 1 transfer to future date within 1 calendar year)

  • Cancel 30 days or less before the event – no refund or transfer available.

  • *If a retreat is full, you will receive a 90% refund, minus $100 admin fee*

  • If you need to move your scheduled and fully paid Retreat date for any reason, we will transfer your payment to another Retreat during the same season (ex. Fall 2021) at no extra cost if notice is given prior to 30 days of your scheduled Retreat.

  • Far and away the best option to protect your retreat from unseen circumstances is to have travelers insurance.


The Buena Vida and Sol Medicine does not supply, manufacture, distribute or condone the use of any illegal substances. The goal of The Buena Vida Retreats is to facilitate access to trained shamans who work with sacred plant medicines within an accepted, sacramental and ceremonial context. The shamans personally evaluate each guests’ needs and work strictly within the laws of their training and all local and national laws where the retreats will take place. We do not guarantee any results or outcomes, specific medicine usage, etc. Each participant is responsible for informing themselves about possible pharmaceutical drug contraindications, including but not limited to SSRI and other stabilizing medication. They assume all responsibility for due diligence required for their participation. For more information and additional resources, email [email protected]

Retreat prices include: accommodations, meals, transportation, massage, session facilitation and integrations services. For these services you will be billed electronically by Paypal. These prices DO NOT include the cost of mushroom medicine for your retreat. Psilocybin is legal in Mexico when done in a ceremonial and sacramental context. Due to current regulations outside of Mexico, The Buena Vida does not include the cost of the mushrooms in the retreat package price. Guests will be served medicine at the discretion of the medicine man/woman at the retreat under their guidance and our collective decision. Guests will be asked to pay a service fee to the shaman, whatever they decide is fair, for the medicine and their time. Shamans will always give medicine for free if someone cannot pay. In this challenging landscape we are committed to providing our guests with the safest, most legal option in psilocybin-assisted retreats.