If you serve others, this retreat is to serve you.

There is deep healing power in placing oneself in an intentional space of rest and play. Your own replenishment is as much of a priority as your dedicated service in your community.  The seed of joy and wonder that sits at the heart of your journey yearns for  rest and nourishment. It yearns for playfulness, creativity, and a space to simply BE – undistracted. 

 You are invited to relax, recharge, dance, and be free, at the first Be-Hive – a luxurious 6 day / 5 night, mind, body, and soul recharge on the pristine beaches of Nayarit, Mexico.

As leaders, we all experience compassion fatigue, burnout, loneliness or feelings of lack. The Be-Hive is the juicy place where you can come to be seen, healed and held by your colleagues and learn from your elders.

We will gather from April 3-8, 2023, at the Punta Monterey Resort in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. This beautiful private beach just outside of Puerto Vallarta, hosts us during one of the beautiful months of the year.

Punta Monterey is an ecological resort with more than 300 acres of private jungle. 


Your sweet experience includes:

  • Guided Psilocybin Ceremony led by The Buena Vida on our private beach
  • Guided, protected sacred Peyote Ceremony led by locals Shaluma & Piwame
  • Integration support provided by Soltara Healing Center
  • Play Night Festival under the stars, featuring the music of Savej and other local musicians.
  • Luxury Spa Package including two 90-minute massages, daily treatment options, and more
  • All meals
  • Yoga& Meditation like you’ve never experienced
  • Playful Beach activities

This event is a curated, private, invite-only meeting of the minds.

Thought leaders in the realms of conscious community, plant medicine, coaching, and healing will convene in this space to enjoy down time together.

We have intentionally invited not only our close community members, but also those slightly outside our immediate spheres that will push our growth edge and help the group to alchemize polarity. 

This information is private and not to be shared outside the Hive.

Honored Guests


Santiago Ayala

Santiago is a highly respected Shaman and a gifted healer.  Santiago carries the blessings of his tribal chiefs, family and many indigenous elders. He is a Sun dancer, carrier of the sacred Chanupa (sacred pipe), and holds space for Vision Quests.

Santiago devoted his life to the shamanic path at age 26 after overcoming a serious illness. He is the guardian of one of the last San Pedro and Willka trees forests in southern Ecuador, preparing it in the traditional way to be used for healing purposes.

His medicine songs, prayers and blessings carry a powerful intention to heal the heart with the sacred spirit of San Pedro.

Shaluma & Piwame

The Hive is honored to host Marisela “Shaluma” and Gustavo “Piwame”, dancers of the Mexica Conchero tradition and active members of the WIXARIKA indigenous community of Taimarita in Nayarit, Mexico. 

For more than 20 years they have participated in ceremonies and customs of the community related to the cycle agriculture, hunting and pilgrimage to sacred world heritage places.

They carry the medicine of the Temazcal and guide ancestral medicine ceremonies with   Peyote cactus, or “Hikury”.

Anale Judd

Yoga teacher, Mexican dancer (Danza Mexica) and facilitator with The Buena Vida.

For the past 18 years, Ana has been sharing her medicine as a professional dancer trained in dance therapy as well as certified hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga teacher.  She is a proud Mexica Conchero dancer.

Ana shares her knowledge and experience with the Peyote medicine, Psilocybin mushrooms and her personal work with embodiment.

Ana is proud to be holding space for our Be-Hive guests, to share with them the beautiful and colorful spirit of Mexico as well as her roots & traditions.

Important knowledge about the Peyote Cactus


The intention of the Wixarika people is to follow the leaders final words of the last Marakame shaman which was to “share the medicine with the people”. We can trust that the sacred peyote medicine is being harvested from the lands where it is done with respect and sustainability. It is our honor to receive the heart-opening and vision-producing medicine of the peyote so that we can take his knowledge back to our communities and ceremonies as leaders.

The peyote cactus  also known as the “mescal button,” and Hikuri, is native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, and it has been used for centuries by indigenous people in spiritual and religious ceremonies. The plant is considered to be a “vulnerable” species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which means that it is facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

Peyote is under threat of over-collection due to its increasing use by non-indigenous groups, as well as habitat loss due to urbanization and agriculture. However, the species is protected by law in Mexico, and some of the largest populations are found within protected areas, like the “Peyote Natural Reserve” in San Luis Potosi and the “Reserva de la Biosfera Tehuacán-Cuicatlán” in Puebla.

Additionally some conservation programs on Peyote populations are being run in Mexico, this includes the cultivation and restoration of the species in different regions for the use of indigenous communities. A portion of your contribution to the Be-Hive will be going to preserve and sustain the sacred Peyote.

Play, Dance & Re-Create

Born and raised in the Honey Island Swamp of Louisiana, Savej [pron. savage] is known around the globe for his unique and captivating “Ancient Future” sound. His integration of ancestral medicine music, organic soundscapes, and exotic world instruments with groovy tribal rhythms and Louisiana flavor effectively bridges the gap between cultures and the Ages of time. Since the release of his ‘Solstice’ album, Savej has amassed a dedicated following and continues to push the boundaries of electronic music.


Inviting Abundance into the Economics of our Gathering

This gathering is intentionally curated with love, openness, accessibility, and abundance. 

Because we, the curators, trust in our calling to create spaces like the Be-Hive, we are offering you an opportunity to choose your own investment into this vision.

Our raw cost investment per person for this 5-night/6-day gathering is about $3,000 USD.  This cost includes the hard investments: venue, entertainment, food, lodgings, transportation, guests, and the cost of the activities. 

To reserve your space, the deposit is $1,000. You will then get to decide on a contribution that feels right for you based on your unique circumstances.

Any additional contributions will go towards replenishing the energy of the Be-Hive team, and towards future iterations of this project. 

*A portion of your contribution to the Be-Hive will be going to preserve and sustain the sacred Peyote.