The Buena Vida Sanctuary: Joshua Tree, CA

2024 Dates

Returning Fall 2024

As of May 2024, we've begun offering the chance to experience all the love, care, ceremony and celebration of 5 years of The Buena Vida, Mexico, now available to our Mushroom Family as members of our sacred entheogen church space.

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The Buena Vida Sanctuary Retreats will include:

Thursday Arrival – Sunday Departure

2 Medicine Ceremonies: 1 Deep Dive; 1 Nature Connection on the land 

Chef-prepared meals

Breathwork, somatic movement workshops

Hiking in Joshua Tree National Park

Loving, compassionate facilitators as you’ve come to expect from Buena Vida

The Buena Vida Sanctuary

Nestled on a sprawling 5-acre ranch in Joshua Tree, California, this enchanting retreat boasts two spacious houses surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of the desert. Wander through the expansive space and feel the serenity as you encounter a small herd of alpacas grazing peacefully, adding a touch of whimsy to the natural landscape.

The ranch offers panoramic views of untamed nature, providing a front-row seat to the mystical allure of sacred desert lands. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, where each breath is filled with the essence of the desert breeze. This haven is a sanctuary, inviting you to unwind and connect with Joshua Tree’s unique energy.

Adding to the allure, discover our Mushroom Church sanctuary nestled on the land, offering a unique and sacred space for reflection and connection with the transformative naure of the desert.

At the Buena Vida Sanctuary, we envisage a deep unity where every human is held in reverence as sacred and divine. Interwoven by a shared consciousness and an enduring spiritual connection, we recognize that everyone is traversing a spiritual journey, embodying the essence of Spirit, beyond the material world. The challenges life presents, fostering our soul’s growth, invite reflection on our intrinsic divinity. Our mission is to strengthen the divine essence within each member and lead them toward spiritual awakening through our unique church services and events.

BVS constitutes a fellowship of spiritual explorers who engage with the Divine through prayer, meditation, ceremonies, and our sacrament of psilocybin mushrooms. Within our Sanctuary, members provide mutual support through shared ceremonies and integration. Our collective aspiration is to pursue Spirit together and mutually enhance our understanding and respect for ourselves, others, and the Divine.

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The Buena Vida and Sol Medicine does not supply, manufacture, distribute or condone the use of any illegal substances. We do not give out, supply or sell any specific substance. The goal of Sol Medicine Retreats is to plan, organize and produce healing retreats. We facilitate access to trained, indigenous shamans who work with sacred plant medicines within an accepted, sacramental and ceremonial context. The shamans personally evaluate each guests’ needs and work strictly within the laws of their training and all local and national laws where the retreats will take place. We do not guarantee any results or outcomes, specific medicine usage, etc. Each participant is responsible for informing themselves about possible pharmaceutical drug contraindications, including but not limited to SSRI and other stabilizing medication. They assume all responsibility for due diligence required for their participation. For more information and additional resources, email [email protected]