Welcome to The Buena Vida Integration Program

Now we dive into integrating your newfound growth!

Below you will find quite a bit of important information related to the Integration portion of our program.

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Recommendations for the Path Ahead

Here you’ll find a growing list of all of our favorite books, films, podcasts, websites, and apps. 

These resource topics range from science, history, anthropology, spiritual, emotional healing and (of course!) psychedelics. 

Most options can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts and audiobooks. 


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2-Week Integration Access

We are beyond excited to be offering you the first look into our BRAND NEW Buena Vida Integration Program. 

This program is available via desktop here, or as a mobile on the Apple Store or on Google Play

We created 2 weeks worth of practices, but are working with ample time together, in order to give you plenty of time to genuinely go through each practice. 

We want each of you to have time to implement any suggestions or practices, and want to be sure that this does not feel rushed or become a burden of daily “homework” you potentially end up resenting. 

We encourage you to take breaks every other exercise or so, to allow time and space for things to “sink in”. 

If you are able to stay consistent and work through this in 14 days, that’s great! We will still have our remaining check-ins and can help you work through any specific remaining target areas then. 

If you take longer than 2 weeks to complete this work, that’s okay too! We would much rather you take a little more time to get the full experience out of it, then push you to feel like you are on a tight deadline. 

There are both morning and evening prompts, and it would be best if they are performed in that order and around that time of day. However, feel free to work this into your schedule as needed. 

Scheduling your Group Integration Call

We will update you all on a time and date for the group call in the upcoming weeks. 

Really leaning into the idea of giving you all plenty of time, our hope is that these calls can provide clarity when you need them and never feel like a burden or task to be completed.  

Keep an eye on your emails and WhatsApp Group Chat for more details. 

Wellness Blends

If you’d like to partake in our one-of-a-kind Wellness Blends, please email us directly at [email protected], or find out more information below.

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