7-Day Psychedelic Pre-Retreat Course

We are thrilled you’ve chosen to come to The Buena Vida’s Psilocybin Retreat!

We’ve put together a collection of lessons, videos and journal prompts that we feel can super charge the benefit of this retreat for you.

A few of the lessons touch on subjects that will be useful if this is your first time using plant medicine in a ceremony. Other lessons touch on deeper spiritual topics and tools that you’ll most certainly want in your back pocket during the retreat.

We encourage you to do a lesson a day up until your first day at the retreat. Break out your journal, put pen to paper and really use this opportunity to begin the self-exploration process. Remember, this isn’t homework! Only you will benefit from this process, but we won’t be holding any red pens to correct you or throwing out a surprise quiz on at the retreat!

Day 1: Ceremony

What is a Ceremony? Why do we use ceremony in our lives? This day will explore your own feelings and insights about the importance of this ritual.

Day 2: Intentions

What does an intention mean for you? Why are they important on the psychedelic journey? What’s the difference between a goal and an intention? This day will help you get clear about your intentions for the retreat.

Day 3: Holding Space

Have you been hearing the term “holding space” but really don’t understand what it means? How do we learn to hold space for ourselves and for others? This day gives you clear examples of what this term means and how we can learn to start being positive space holders.

Day 4: Mushrooms

Today we’re exploring mushrooms as our medicine and tool for self-exploration. You’ll get some insight on how they work with our brain and body as well as use the journal prompts to learn about your personal feelings towards mushrooms.

Day 5: Our Thoughts

We all know our thoughts help shape our reality. Today we’ll explore some of our deeply held thoughts and patters and start to understand the value of observing our thoughts with awareness and less attachment.

Day 6: Our Light Side

Our light side doesn’t mean our “good” side. Its the side we’re aware of and try to present to other people. Its how we would describe ourselves consciously. Today we get to explore exactly who we think we are and how we show up in the world.

Day 7: Our Shadow Side

A large part of the psychedelic journey is about getting in touch with our subconscious self or our shadow side. These are the parts of us that are just out of reach of our everyday conscious view. Sometimes others close to us know our shadow. Exploring, understanding and accepting our shadow side is the on-going work of deep self-exploration.