1-1 Questions & Answers

With The Buena Vida Team

What actually happens on a retreat?

By scheduling a call below, we are holding space for a 1-on-1 Zoom call with you, to discuss all your questions, retreat details, and general information on our approach, mission, and goals here at The Buena Vida.

This is a time to share with you, our future guests, about psilocybin treatments, the power of a group retreat and more. 

During our time together, Shandi with The Buena Vida Team will lead you through a LIVE Q&A where all questions are welcome.

Shandi has been with The Buena Vida Team as the Operations Director since 2020 and has been an advocate for the medicine since her first introduction in 2011.

She has a background in Psychology and Social Work and has found the perfect way to combine her knowledge in the field with her love for the medicine.

She works remotely, leading the operational ins and outs of each experience and primarily working behind the scenes. She also attends a few retreats with us each season, making her a great point of contact for questions and information about anything “Buena Vida”.

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(NOTE This Q&A is for general questions only, and will not replace your required Medical Background Screening.)