Welcome to The Buena Vida Psilocybin Retreats


Discover Healing and Renewal with Psilocybin in a Safe and Nurturing Environment

Are you seeking relief from the heavy burden of anxiety, depression, or trauma? Welcome to The Buena Vida Psilocybin Retreats, where we offer a compassionate and supportive space for your journey toward mental and emotional well-being through the transformative power of sacred mushroom medicine.

At The Buena Vida, our mission is to provide a haven for those seeking solace and healing from mental health challenges. Our retreats, led by compassionate guides, are designed to prioritize your mental and emotional transformation through the profound effects of psilocybin.

Why Choose The Buena Vida?


Proven Healing: With a history of guiding over 850 guests since 2018, we have witnessed significant relief for individuals grappling with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Compassionate Guidance: Our experienced leaders are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment, ensuring you feel supported and understood throughout your healing journey.

Limited Spaces, Maximum Healing: We believe in the power of personalized attention. With limited spaces available, you can secure your spot now to experience the healing benefits of our intimate retreats.

Your Healing Journey

Embark on a transformative journey toward mental and emotional well-being with our retreats, offering…


  • Ceremony-Centric Healing: Immerse yourself in ceremonial settings designed to maximize the therapeutic potential of psilocybin.

  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from the compassionate care of our experienced guides, providing understanding and support as you navigate your healing process.

  • Proven Results: Join the growing number of individuals who have found relief from mental health challenges through our guided retreats.